The acidity and alkalinity of a food is measured using a pH scale. The pH scale runs from 0-14 (zero being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline). The optimal blood pH level is closest.4 (slightly more alkaline). There are home kits that can easily test the pH levels of your water, food, saliva, or urine. A balanced body is less appealing for bacteria or cancer cells to thrive. Method: Mix in 2 teaspoons of acv into a cup of pure filtered warm water. You can squeeze in a wedge of lemon (vitamin C).

top 10 home remedies for flu to breathe. Acv contains prebiotic inulinwhich builds up the immune system and sends out fighting white blood cells. Acv also helps to balance our bodys pH levels.

Chlorella not only protects you, but it also makes your immune system stronger. Echinacea is a north American coneflower that is widely used in the United States and Germany. Studies show that echinacea can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, boost the immune system, and prevent the cold and influenza virus from replicating itself in your body. Echinacea also has known anti-viral, antibacterial, and blood cleansing properties. The way it fights off the cold and the flu is by increasing levels of properdin. Properdin is one of the chemicals in the body responsible for fighting off bacteria and viruses. A study found that echinacea can reduce your chances of catching a cold by 60, and shorten the length of a cold by 1-4 days. Method: Echinacea comes in the form of tinctures, capsules, or teas. I find that the pure tincture forms work the best. At the very first sign of a cold, mix 2 dropperfuls of the tincture into a cup of water to prevent further onset.

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Chlorella is a nutrient dense superfood. It is a blue-green algae that is packed with phytonutrients, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorous, biotin, magnesium, vitamins a, c, e, complete vitamin B-complex and several amino acids. Chlorella also increases the levels of (Ig) a antibody levels in the body. A study published in 2010 by the, plant foods for Human Nutrition aardbeien shows a direct correlation between chlorella and increased levels of (Ig) a antibodies in the body. In this study, women who consumed chlorella pyerenoidsa supplements had significantly higher amounts of (Ig) a antibody concentrations in their breast milk than women who were not taking chlorella. This indicates that the women producing more (Ig) a in their bodies. When the influenza virus comes into contact with your (Ig) a antibodies, it contains the cold and influenza virus and immediately stops it from spreading and infection the surrounding cells.

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Rooibos tea for Stomach Flu ayurvedic medicines are using rooibos as main ingredient for many health problems such as flu, allergies, kidney stone, bone health, cardiovascular issues, and viral infections. . rooibos contains polyphenols which holds antiviral, antimutagenic properties. Polyphenols works as scavengers for free radicals, harmful virus and bacteria. Rooibos tea is rich in antispasmodic agents, which ease abdominal pain and stomach cramps fast. Rooibos tea is extremely beneficial for treatment of colic or stomach pain in infants and adults. In addition, to above qualities it is also useful for hypertension. You need: rooibos dried leaves Water optional sweetener (sugar or honey) How to make rooibos tea? Boil 1 and half cup of water and drop 10 rooibos leaves and cover saucepan for 5 minutes.

top 10 home remedies for flu

Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes and add sweetener according to taste. Pour it on strainer over a cup and drink this chamomile tea 2 times in day to fight stomach flu symptoms. As a result leder you will experience relieve in very sort span of time. Lemon juice due to lemons antimicrobial properties it is most suitable diy remedy for stomach flu. It kills flu causing virus and help you get rid of stomach flu symptoms. Lemon is vitamin C rich and have mouwen proven effects in improving your immune system.

Better immune protects you from any kind of seasonal infections. Therefore, you should take benefit of lemon healing properties more often. You need: 1 moderate size lemon Water and salt Directions: Simmer a cup of water for 5 minutes and add half tea-spoon of table salt. Stir it well and pour it into a cup. Add fresh lime juice squeezed out of 1 lemon. Let it cool down so that you dont burn your tongue. Enjoy this tangy taste after every meal until you recover from stomach flu symptoms.

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It also weaken the virus structure where immune and white blood cells kicks in to save you from stomach aches and cramps. It is natural herb and consumption of ginger will reduce gas, stomach cramps. Itll also improve digestion and works as colon cleaner. Direction: Best way to have your daily ginger dose is ginger tea. Boil a cup of water in saucepan and crush some ginger in mortar with the help of pestle. Add these crushed ginger into boiling water.

After 10 minutes add some peppermints for better aroma and to improve digestive properties. Pour it on strainer over a cup and let cool down a bit. Therefore, drinking several times a day will improve digestion and reduces stomach flu symptoms. Sip Some Chamomile tea, chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. Due to its anti-oxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties chamomile is best working remedy for stomach flu. Dry powder of chamomile flower is very suitable to make tea. It will improve acidity level of stomach and helps in reduction of virus duplication in stomach. Therefore, sipping some herbal tea is very good remedy for gastrointestinal conditions, including digestive disorders, spasm or colic, upset stomach, flatulence (gas), stomach ulcers, bloating, and gastrointestinal irritation. You need: Dry powder of chamomile flower Any sweetener Directions: boil a cup of water in saucepan and pour 1 spoon of dry powder of chamomile flower.

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Directions: Simmer one cup of water for 5 minutes and then pour it into a nivea mug. Add 10-15 drops of apple cider vinegar and add 1 tea-spoon of honey. Honey will give the taste plus it is laser also an effective antibacterial and antimicrobial nature gift. The combination of acv and honey will boost the remedy effect on stomach flu. Drink this 2 times a day for several days to get rid of gastroenteritis. Ginger for Stomach Flu, ginger is highly effective home remedy for stomach flu due to its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It is aged ayurvedic remedy for viral infection. Ginger is used to cure almost every disease which relates to viral infection such as common cold, cough, sore throat, upset stomach. Because ginger is natural antiviral is reduces the generation of virus causing the flu.

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Acv is best alternative wenkbrauwen effective treatment for stomach flu. Apple cider vinegar have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties. It kills those virus which cause stomach flu. Due to its pectines content it treat upset stomach and can help you come out of nausea state. Recent scientific investigations clearly demonstrate the antimicrobial properties of vinegar, but mainly in the context of food preparation. As stomach flu is caused because of spoiled food, apple cider vinegar will work as miracle cure for stomach flu. Consumption of acv will sooth stomach irritation and reduce gas production in stomach. You need: Apple cider vinegar, honey ( As sweetener water.

19 Effective home remedies for Stomach Flu. If it takes waar more than 2 weeks to get cured then, you should consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Because after that there might be possibilities that gastroenteritis require a medical treatment. Stomach flu gives you a hard time because it is so uncomfortable and annoying. Viral infection attack your digestive system and intestines and can have these common symptoms: Stomach Cramping, headaches fatigue and vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea. Nausea, blood Vomiting ( Rare case here are 19 Effective and working home remedies for stomach flu. Table of Contents. Appple cider Vinegar for Stomach Flu.

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The stomach flu, or gastroenteritis, is a medical condition which face occur due to intestinal infection. In most of the cases, gastroenteritis is the result of viral infection of intestine. It should get cured by itself in 1-2 weeks but the days dont pass in peace. Stomach flu is marked by fever, nausea, stomach cramps, stomach-ache, burning feeling in intestine, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Stomach flu is highly contagious and can spread fast among adults and children. Some times it is compared with food poisoning but it is complete different story. Stomach flu symptoms may occur late or by the time-window of 36 hours from infection occurred.

Top 10 home remedies for flu
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