Conditions presenting from birth - cerebral palsy. Lack of blood supply damages nerve cells in the brain. Birth trauma, difficult labor, perinatal strokes in infants within 3 days of birth can all cause cerebral palsy. Hereditary diseases - leukodystrophies. This is a rare disorder affecting the myelin sheath which covers and protects nerve cells in the brain. The condition usually appears in infancy or childhood. Injury or insults to the brain cells that control movements in one half of the body cause hemiplegia.

right sided facial weakness - recurrent headaches of severe intensity occasionally accompanied by sensations of numbness and tingling in one half of the body. Inflammation of the blood vessels - vasculitis. Diseases affecting the nerves - like multiple Sclerosis; acute necrotizing myelitis.

Hence, ' hemiplegia ' means complete paralysis of one half of the body, including one arm and leg. Any disease or injury in the motor centers of the brain can cause hemiplegia. Hemiplegia is bruiner a more severe form of ' hemiparesis ' wherein one half of the body is only weakened. It is also very different from the conditions of paraplegia quadriplegia, which are commonly confused with hemiplegia. Paraplegia is paralysis in both legs, below the waist. Quadriplegia is paralysis below the neck and is also usually the result of a spinal cord injury. Many conditions give rise to hemiplegia. Generally, an injury to the right side of the brain will cause a left-sided hemiplegia while an injury to the left side of the brain will cause a right-sided hemiplegia. Stroke is the commonest cause of hemiplegia. Insufficient blood supply to the brain leads to loss of brain functions. The stroke may be caused by: A clot formed within the blood vessel blocking the blood supply'- a thrombus.

right sided facial weakness

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What are lycium the hoofdhuid symptoms of Hemiplegia? How is Hemiplegia diagnosed? How to prevent Hemiplegia? What is the best treatment for Hemiplegia? What is the best Homeopathic treatment for Hemiplegia? Which Homeopathic medicines gives best results for Hemiplegia? The word ' plegia ' means weakness so severe that it is nearly complete. Hemi ' implies one side of the body.

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right sided facial weakness

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right sided facial weakness

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Right sided facial weakness
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