SD501, the sd501 is the finest machine in its class, with the highest quality built-in electrolysis chamber on the market. This Kangen Water filtration machine generates a continuous stream of 7 different types of water for countless health and household needs. You can easily operate the sd501 thanks to a large lcd panel and clear voice prompts. When you need enough delicious, healthy alkaline water to hydrate your whole family, the sd501 is the product you've been searching for! Enagics ionisers are designed to fit directly onto the kitchen tap though many people choose to have them plumbed. Size: The sd501 s 26cm/10 wide, 17cm/6.5 deep and 30cm/12 high. Junior ii, the junior ii model is the same size as the sd501, with 3 highest quality plates and suitable for 1 or 2 people. It makes all the same waters (drinking water/clean water/beauty water/strong alkaline and strong acidic waters) but due to the reduced plates, theres a reduction in antioxidants.

find kangen water distributor Platinum is exactly the same machine as the sd501 but with a platinum appearance and may appeal to those who prefer a different look. This multi-language sd501 expertly speaks in 5 languages: English, german, French, Italian and Spanish!

If youre in the health and Wellness industry, its perfect for your staff and clients. Animals love it too. It may even reduce vet bills! Your Name (required your Phone number (required how can Kangen Water Improve your Life? This innovative technology was created by the company Enagic providing high quality mineral rich water. This technology generates a continuous stream of powerful antioxidant, super-hydrating ionised alkaline water at the touch of a button. In addition to the 3 levels of drinking water, it also provides other badartikelen waters for cooking, cleaning and beauty purposes, to name but a few. Which Model is Right for you? Select the title of the machine to read more about. Kangen 8, the kangen 8 is Enagic's latest and most powerful antioxidant machine featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionisation and increased antioxidant production potential. It has a choice of 8 languages japanese, chinese, english, german, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese, a 10 second automatic cleaning with on-screen cleaning instructions and much more.

find kangen water distributor

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Top, interested in laserontharing Business Opportunity? Kangen Water hydrates at a cellular level due to its smaller molecular clusters which can penetrate the cell walls more easily. As a result, we can absorb much more kangen Water than tap, spring and bottled waters. Powerful Antioxidant, kangen Water is is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants and may help to neutralise the free radicals in the body that damage healthy cells. Detoxifying, a simple and natural way to detoxify the body of impurities. Hydrating, kangen Water is easily absorbed by the body and deeply hydrates our cells. Energy, kangen Water may help to clean up the acidic waste and improve energy levels. Overall health, kangen Water may help to bring the body back to a state of balance and an improved position of health. Kangen Water tastes smooth and refreshing.

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find kangen water distributor

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find kangen water distributor

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