First, sun-exposed skin starts getting brown spots and uneven tone. . Then, the texture starts to become rougher. . Then, it starts getting fine lines. . eventually, the skin becomes less and less supple to the point that it looks and feels crinkly. Do you see the difference in your skin? The smooth skin on the underside of your arm is basically what your skin could look like without sun damage.

co2 laser vs fractional laser crispy feel. To see the effects of sun damage for yourself, look at your arm. Look at the top of your arm where the sun hits and then look at the underside that is usually in the shade.  see if you can see the differences. .

So, the treatments hurt, often got pretty bloody, and left you rembrandt as red as raw meat for at least 2 weeks (possibly 3 and then pink for another month. . yeah, sign me up for that! Despite the shortcomings, the results from CO2 laser were still the best solution to the problem of skin aging, and many, many people did. The single biggest issue in cosmetic dermatology has long been helping people look younger, and fortunately for the patients, dermatologists have been finding ways to improve laser efficacy and reduce downtime and side effects ever since. Weve come a long way since the lightsabers of the 90s. . The first major change happened when it was realized that, instead of wiping out the entire top layer of skin, you could make the treatment a lot more bearable and reduce recovery time if you only vaporized small columns of skin (making a swiss cheese pattern) and. This technique is called fractional resurfacing, and it made laser treatments dramatically more appealing because the recovery time is so much shorter. . The tradeoff is that multiple treatments are required to get the same results as full resurfacing, but it has the added benefit of far fewer side effects and complications. The next lesson that was learned is that rejuvenating the skin requires dealing with more than just damage at the surface. . The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, particularly uva rays, penetrates the dermis (basically the 2nd layer) of the skin where it basically turns the supportive tissue in the skin (collagen) into trash. The technical term for this sun damage is solar elastosis, and you can see it quite distinctively if you look at skin biopsies under the microscope.

co2 laser vs fractional laser

Co 2 laser versus dermabrasion for acne scars - herbal

If you have multiple skin concerns such as sun tattoo damage, lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven texture and acne scarring what treatment options are available to you?! The halo Pro is something called a hybrid fractional laser that can be used to restore the skin to a more youthful state and to treat acne scars. . It is the latest development in a technological journey that started in the 1990s with CO2 resurfacing lasers. The idea of resurfacing was simple then. If you had skin with lots of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots that was generally just beaten up by the sun, you could get rid of all those signs of aging by vaporizing the top layers and letting it heal in with nice new. This worked reasonably well, but there were frequent complications, and the lasers were pretty unwieldy. They truly were like light sabers; they vaporized whatever flesh was in their path.

Fractional, cO 2, laser

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co2 laser vs fractional laser

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co2 laser vs fractional laser

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Weekly Specials and Clearance sale lasers. Aesthetic Equipment For Sale. Cosmetic Lasers, medical complex Lasers & Aesthetic Equipment For Sale. Mitesh Kapadia is an eyelid surgeon in Boston, ma that specializes in blepharoplasty & eyelid surgery. Contact us for a free consultation in Boston or Wellesley. Our services healthcare a patient-centred organisation operating based on compassion and trust, temasek medical Centre provides comprehensive healthcare services. 9 patient's complete before and after liposuction gallery.

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Below are a series of case studies of procedures performed at Victorian Cosmetic Institute. . Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. You should discuss these with your surgeon. In this lifting case, we removed about 3 litres of fat from this patients abdomen, hips, waist, back, and arms and transferred about.2 litres of this fat into her buttocks to give her a more hour-glass shaped figure.

Co2 laser vs fractional laser
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