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For example, from 19s, the solar maxima trend of sunspot count was upwards; for the following decades it diminished. 11 However, the sun was last as active as this period over 8,000 years ago. 12 Sunspots number is correlated with the intensity of solar radiation over the period since 1979, when satellite measurements became available. The variation caused by the sunspot cycle to solar output is relatively small, on the order.1 of the solar constant (a peak-to-trough range.3 Wm2 compared with 1366 Wm2 for the average solar constant). Year history of sunspot numbers, showing maunder and Dalton minima, and the modern Maximum (left) and 11,000-year sunspot reconstruction showing a downward trend over 20followed by the recent 400 year uptrend Modern observation edit main article: Solar observatory sunspots are observed with land-based and Earth-orbiting. These telescopes use filtration and projection techniques for direct observation, in addition to various types of filtered cameras. Specialized tools such as spectroscopes and spectrohelioscopes are used to examine sunspots and sunspot areas. Artificial eclipses allow viewing of the circumference of the sun as sunspots rotate through the horizon. Alma observes a giant sunspot.25 mm wavelength 15 Since looking directly at the sun with the naked eye permanently damages human vision, amateur observation of sunspots is generally conducted using projected images, or directly through protective filters.

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The point of highest sunspot activity during a cycle is known as solar maximum, and the point of lowest activity as solar minimum. This period is also observed in most other solar activity and is linked to a variation in the solar magnetic field that changes polarity with this period. Early in the cycle, sunspots appear in the higher latitudes and then move towards the equator as the cycle approaches maximum, following Spörer's law. Spots from two adjacent cycles can co-exist cosmetica for some time. Spots from adjacent cycles can be distinguished by direction of their magnetic field. The wolf number sunspot index counts the average number of sunspots and groups of sunspots during specific intervals.

The 11-year solar cycles are numbered sequentially, starting with the observations made in the 1750s. 9 george Ellery hale first linked magnetic fields and sunspots in 1908. 10 Hale suggested that the sunspot cycle period is 22 years, covering two periods of increased and decreased sunspot numbers, accompanied by polar reversals of the solar magnetic dipole field. Babcock later proposed a qualitative model for the dynamics of the solar outer layers. The babcock model explains that magnetic fields cause the behavior described by Spörer's law, as well as other effects, which are twisted by the sun's rotation. Longer-period trends edit main article: Solar cycle sunspot number also changes over long periods.

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Observations using the zeeman effect show that prototypical sunspots come in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity. From cycle to cycle, the polarities of leading and trailing (with respect to the solar rotation) sunspots change from north/south to south/north and back. Sunspots usually appear in groups. Magnetic pressure should tend to remove field concentrations, causing the sunspots to disperse, but sunspot lifetimes are measured in days to weeks. In 2001, observations from the solar and Heliospheric Observatory (soho) using sound waves traveling below the photosphere (local helioseismology ) were used to develop a three-dimensional image of the internal structure below sunspots; these observations show that a powerful downdraft underneath each sunspot, forms. 8 niet Solar cycle edit main article: Solar cycle butterfly diagram showing paired Spörer's law behavior Sunspot activity cycles are about every eleven years, with some variation in length. Over the solar cycle, sunspot populations rise quickly and then fall more slowly.

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Isolated from the surrounding photosphere a sunspot would be brighter than the moon. 7 Sunspots have two parts: the central umbra, which is the darkest part, where the magnetic field bulten is approximately vertical ( normal to the sun's surface) and the surrounding penumbra, which is lighter, where the magnetic field is more inclined. Lifecycle edit Any given appearance of a sunspot may last anywhere from a few days to a few months, though groups of sunspots and their active regions tend to last weeks or months, but all do eventually decay and disappear. Sunspots expand and contract as they move across the surface of the sun, with diameters ranging from 16 km (10 mi) to 160,000 km (100,000 mi). Although the details of sunspot generation are still a matter of research, it appears that sunspots are the visible counterparts of magnetic flux tubes in the sun's convective zone that get "wound up" by differential rotation. If the stress on the tubes reaches a certain limit, they curl up and puncture the sun's surface. Convection is inhibited at the puncture points; the energy flux from the sun's interior decreases, and with it, surface temperature. The wilson effect implies that sunspots are depressions on the sun's surface.

4, the larger variety are visible from Earth without the aid of a telescope. 5, they may travel at relative speeds, or proper motions, of a few hundred meters per second when they first emerge. Indicating intense magnetic activity, sunspots accompany secondary phenomena such as coronal loops, prominences, and reconnection events. Most solar flares and coronal mass ejections originate in magnetically active regions around visible sunspot groupings. Similar phenomena indirectly observed on stars other than the sun are commonly called starspots, and both light and dark spots have been measured. 6, contents History edit main article: Solar observation Physics edit Although they are at temperatures of roughly 3,0004,500 K (2,7004,200 C the contrast with the surrounding material at about 5,780 K (5,500 C) leaves sunspots clearly visible as dark spots. This is because the luminance (which is essentially "brightness" in visible light) of a heated black body (closely approximated by the photosphere) at these temperatures varies extremely with temperature—considerably more so than the (temperature to the fourth power) variation in the total whitening black-body radiation.

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For other uses, see, sunspot (disambiguation). Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the, sun 's photosphere that appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas. They are regions of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection. Sunspots usually appear in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity. Their number varies according to the approximately 11-year solar cycle. Individual sunspots or groups of sunspots may last anywhere from a parese few days to a few months, but eventually decay. Sunspots expand and contract as they move across the surface of the sun, with diameters ranging from 16 km (10 mi) 3 to 160,000 km (100,000 mi).

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