Once the Sniper Tower is destroyed, the troops can turn on the Flamethrower and then the. Theyll likely take some damage from the mortar and possibly the cannon, but they should be able to hit the hq from range and survive long enough to destroy the. After clearing some of the defenses, if you have enough Artillery/Barrage to destroy one more building for sure, i would aim for the mortar on the left side. The reason is while the heavies might die to the cannon and Sniper Tower while attacking the hq, the zookas will be well out of range and could only be targeted by the mortar. Hope that helps and good luck! YousefZads level 29 Base Attack guide.

boom beach offensive have enough energy to take out a building for sure, you might be able to hit both the mortar and the cannon in the back by hitting the corner exactly where they touch. Based on your troop composition, the strategy changes from here on out. Tanks would especially excel here because once the cannon is destroyed, they only need to destroy the Sniper Tower before they could hit the Flamethrower and the hq from out of range of the other cannon and major defenses. If running heavy/zooka, after destroying the cannon youll want to attack the Sniper Tower from its left side and Shock bomb it and the Flamethrower (the mortar as well if you are lucky).

At First Glance: This is a tough resource base. Lots of high level defenses, densely packed, and with various types of defenses equipped to deal with basic rushes. The Flamethrowers here discourage any type of Warrior strategy here as you cant get close enough to the sniper towers or the hq without going through those flames. Even if they are barraged or hit with artillery, there are still the cannons to contend creme with. The Sniper Towers are well placed as they are covered by the other defenses and trying to destroy them will likely draw fire from the cannons, mortars, and flamethrowers. Ideal Troop Composition: Tanks (if you can take out a cannon heavy/zooka. General Strategy: While this base is balanced and densely packed, the key here is to take apart one side of it and avoid the other sides defenses. The left side of the base is more vulnerable since it is both closer to the beach, and the cannon on the right side is further away from attacking troops on the left side. Thus well focus on bringing down the left side of the base. To start, removing the cannon is the first order of business, and this can be done either with a barrage or a couple artillery shots. Once the cannon is removed, there are no defenses on the left side that can deal with heavies or Tanks very quickly.

boom beach offensive

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Welcome to the Offense boot Camp. Youve got a lot of battles ahead of you, so studying up on attack strategies is key. I will be giving you specific examples and answering your questions to expedite your rise to the top! We cant all be ting on day one triangle ya know. Oh yeah, if you ever come across a really great base, or one that you just cant seem to beat, take a screen shot, upload it to imgur, and send the form here. Well check it out and see if it deserves the hall of Fame! BobbyTraps level 22 Resource base Attack guide. Thanks to commander BobbyTrap for submitting this tough cookie!

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Both the Shock bomb and the Smoke screen allow troops a chance at not being hit by defenses. The main difference, however, is that the Smoke screen protects troops from enemy fire within its area of effect (allowing troops to move through it but not shoot while the Shock bomb disables defenses within its area of effect. It is recommended to use these to disable and/or avoid the effect of high damage or splash damage units, depending on what army composition is used. Troops can be healed with use of the medkit. It should be noted that although it can be used to counteract the damage of splash damage defenses like the mortar, machine gun and Flamethrower, it does not do much to counteract the damage of single-target defenses, especially at higher levels. They are particularly useful when dealing with Flamethrowers, as it deals damage to troops even after it has stopped shooting flames at them. Critters can do a good job in distracting enemy defenses and thus can be used to divert the attention of key defenses towards themselves (an example would be dropping Critters near a boom Cannon to make the boom Cannon attack the Critters and not heavies.

boom beach offensive

Also, if your aloe heavies get in its blind spot, it will begin killing fragile zookas which have a range longer than the rocket launcher 's blind spot. However, they are not as threatening to tanks and Medics, as the medics will generally be able to out-heal them. Sniper Towers deal decent, long ikea range damage to your Troops. Given enough time, they can severely damage your high health Troops, but their higher than normal health makes them less advantageous to take out with Gunboat weaponry. Mortars have shots that fall slowly which may cause them to shoot over your heavies as they move up which may lead to a chunk of your zookas dying.

Flamethrowers can deal high damage to chunks of Troops if they are allowed to, but their short range hinders their ability to shoot at your Troops long enough to make a big difference. Tanks can even destroy it without it hitting any of them because tanks have a longer attack range than the Flamethrower. Machine guns do such low, inaccurate damage, they are a very low threat to high health units. Another extremely important ability is the Flare. This ability is used to guide troops towards a designated location or to attack a specific building. The careful utilisation of the Flare is a good way to destroy the opponent's defensive buildings like the Sniper Tower and the cannon that can only shoot one target at once. It should be noted, however, that the Flare can be used in conjunction with the Shock bomb and Smoke screen to facilitate a warrior rush at the.

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Cannons are essentially smaller boom Cannons with a slightly higher rate of fire, and are therefore ignored for the same reasoning. If the cannon in lycium question can one-shot the troop(s) you plan to deploy, it may be advisable to prioritize the cannon over a boom Cannon, as they have similar health and the cannon shoots faster (and will therefore kill more of your troops over. Machine guns are able to make short work of low health units, especially at close range, but a few heavies will easily solve the problem. Boom Cannons can easily one-hit kill a low health unit, but swarming this defensive structure with enough units will easily make waste. For armies that rely on high health units, such as heavies and Tanks, defensive buildings should be targeted in this order (with Artillery and/or Barrages with number one taking the highest precedence: boom Cannons ' long range and high damage goji allow them to pick off. Cannons also deal high damage to high health units and can eat away at them quite well, but their shorter range prevents them from firing off as many shots before being destroyed, so they should be prioritized after boom Cannons. Shock launchers can stop your army in its tracks which gives other defenses more time to damage. Rocket launchers have extremely long range and decent dps splash damage which allows them to pummel all of your Troops for a long time.

boom beach offensive

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A single salvo may be able to wipe out most of an army that consists of low health units. Shock launchers, due to their long range and wide splash radius. One shot can immobilize and damage or even kill large parts of your army. Mortars, due to their splash damage, and capability to one hit. Zookas with their long range. Flamethrowers, strivectin due to their ability to inflict high damage to multiple units as well as their damage over time effect. Sniper Towers, due to their ability to one-shot lower-health units (depending on level) and relatively quick shooting speed. Not as dangerous to low-health units as some other defensive buildings, however.

The most often used are, artillery and. Both of these deal damage to the opponent's buildings. It is often a good idea to destroy key defenses like. Boom Cannons before deploying troops. However, this order may change based on the types of troops you plan to deploy. It should be noted that shells from both of these deal splash damage to enemy buildings; two or more buildings that touch can be damaged by one. For armies consisting of lower-health units, such. Zookas and, riflemen, defensive buildings should be targeted in this order (with. Artillery and/or, barrages with number one nadelen taking the highest precedence: Rocket launchers, due to high range and splash damage.

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There are two main components to verbaasd having a successful offensive strategy: the deciding of your army composition and order of deployment, and the use of the. Gunboat 's special abilities. Gunboat, the, gunboat has special abilities that can aid and support your troops. It should be noted, however, that all damaging abilities (excluding. Critters ) and the stun ability of the. Shock bomb allow for friendly fire (they can impart their negative effects on your troops). Smoke screen placement and, flare usage can keep troops from performing and ruin an attack, so the judgement of when and where to deploy these measures should always be regarded with care.

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